Digital art by Alice Zummerfish

The Black Mecha Lords project by Riccardo Sabatini

“My greatest passion however lies in video gaming and all stuff technical and space related. My favourite game of all times is, obviously Mass Effect. It totally busted Star Wars for me and for good, after all I dreamed about becoming a space marine in my childhood. Now I’m just nerding out.

Overall I love all things Sci-Fi provided fiction or games or movies indulge me in a rich universe. I also like fantasy. But not as much as Sci-Fi. Obviously I prefer a blaster or M-920 Cain to a sword, but still swords have their peculiar uses.

Another thing that goes along with it is good anime, which is sadly very rare. And no, I’m not talking about mainstream shounen menace or overflowing mecha anime.

As for art, I appreciate ones with great attention to the detail and at the same time I also appreciate those which have a clear focus and do not overload canvas with mess of precision and scrutiny. Beauty is in simplicity.”

Alice Zummerfish: deviantart