Dolls In Silence, photography by Osamu Jinguji

Directly talk to many dolls in the street, feel each mind in silence, mutually sympathize with their souls, find another beauty from each and try to read their messages in the same time and space as them.

<< For me, living as a photographer must be my last resort to survive in this world but I don’t simply just take photos. It is more like an expression of my passions, memories and ideology. Especially, through the B&W photographs (“Giclée” type on Inkjet Fine Art Paper), I can revive them as parts of past myself by pouring my aesthetics, philosophy and soul into all-layer subjects flowing in parallel with unconscious world or invisible phenomenon in space-time without boundaries on/off the street. So, my simple philosophy for living on in this world and for taking photos is: “Everything is in flux and nothing is permanent. No one can stop the flow of time. So, the act of me taking pictures in an instant is a modest resistance of just that.” >>

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