Dressed To Match, art and fashion by Michelle Satterlee

Dressed To Match, art and fashion by Michelle Satterlee

“My name is Michelle and I dress to match wall murals and art in museums and art galleries. What started as a coincidence in 2013 has turned into what I call my passion project, “Dressed To Match.”

I have a degree in Art History and have always had a love for fashion, so this has allowed me to combine the two. I typically start by finding a piece of art I especially like and then I search for an outfit that mimics the palette and style of the work.

The challenge of finding an outfit to match can be difficult, but the result is always worth it. For instance, I have had Takashi Murakami’s “Hustle’N’Punch” piece on my wishlist for about year and it has taken me just as long to find a match to go with it. I love how the dress almost blends in with his piece.

My hope is that my matches reveal just how closely the realms of art and fashion are intertwined and that they encourage viewers to visit their local museums and to see art in new ways.”

Michelle Satterlee: website / instagram
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