Educating Letters, illustration by Shraddha Mandale

Educating Letters, illustration by Shraddha Mandale


Objective: To spread awareness regarding Quality Education.

Issue: The world has cut the number of children without an education in half, with over 50 million still left out.

Insight: There is lack of awareness about the quality education needed. Therefore, a change has to be brought because quality education is the key to ending poverty.

Idea: A visual communication depicting a simple yet graphic typographic illustrations for quality education showcasing our society,students and faculties responsibilities towards growing more quality learners, positive safe environment, gender sensitivity etc.

“It is a self initiated project.
My only goal is promoting positive community growth in our neighbourhood.
So I decided to work on quality education, highlighting important issues, solutions and Illustrated the letters into various typographic expressions.
I choose to go for simple graphic illustration style with bright colours.
I strongly believe that art & design is the solution to every problem we face today.”

Shraddha Mandale: behance / instagram