Elaborated patterns on gourds: extraordinary lamps by Calabarte

Elaborated patterns on gourds: extraordinary lamps by Calabarte

“Light is an inspiration and a discovery. You never know where it will appear. When it penetrates through thousands of holes of a spherical layer, it searches for the shortest way to the screen, on which it leaves its trace. This screen is our common world: walls, furniture, curtains. If I’m the architect of the shape and pattern of the lamp, an artisan who puts life in it, then the light is a surprise and amusement, an euphoria of luminescence, an illusion made real and which never bores, because it changes with every move of its source.
My lamps are made from unique fruit which gourd is, through a process of manual perforation and framing.
I want to make extraordinary lamps for people who appreciate original, exceptional things, highest quality, precision and caring for details.”

“The gourd is the annual tropical vine originating from Africa and Asia. Its dried, lignified fruits are used for various, both decorative and practical, purposes. There are several dozen varieties of gourds differing mostly in shapes and sizes. The structure of the dried gourd is entirely different than the structure of the standard wood. It is more homogenous; it does not contain growth rings, fibers or knots. The external layer of the gourd is harder than the deeper one of a light wood. For that matters, the gourd is kind of a phenomenon in the nature; it is the raw material that gives enormous processing possibilities.

In the past, my lamps have been made from the two varieties of the gourd growing in Poland. After my trip to Senegal, I started creating them, in the first place, from the senegalese variety called calabash which is growing on the trees.”

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