Emergent Collection, sculpture by Michael James Talbot

Emergent Collection, sculpture by Michael James Talbot

Figures emerge from the external layers that constrain them.

The key to the Emergent Collection is to know that the figures are first fully sculpted in the round to an advanced and complete stage. Michael fixes the pose gesture and anatomy in the knowledge that half the features will be lost with the addition of the flat plains.

By adding, I take away, in doing so I’m saying “this aspect is important and this aspect can fade”. As so often in art, less is more. MT

Michael Talbot was born in Staffordshire in 1959. He studied at the Royal Academy of Arts London, as a post graduate student specialising in figurative sculpture. Michael works from life, creating the original sculpture from clay and casting into bronze before uniquely patinating each sculpture. The process is wholly under his control allowing him to enhance and refine the final image. Michael’s bronze sculpture capture the detail, spirit and emotion imbued in the original clay studies of the live model, giving a unique personality to the final work that sets Michael apart from other sculptors. Michael’s sculpture is in public and private collections throughout the world including: Patrick Lichfield, former chairman of the Arts Council Lord Gibson and the Nat West Bank.

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