Estela Cuadro, illustration

“My name is Estela Cuadro, I’ve been working as Ilustrative and Plastic Artist for the last six years.

The things that inspire me to begin painting is everyday life, but mostly nature because it wakes up my senses. I do it because of necessity rather than as a hobby. But it´s a need that is influenced by a strong passion, that deepens my being. There are two stages in each of my pictures: The first one goes hand-in-hand with rational thinking and the other one is established through the fortuitous, intuitive part of the creative process, which is also instantaneous. When I speak of the rational thinking I mean the pre-chromatic design stage, which is not an easy task, but I took up painting classes years ago and that helps me make those decisions faster now. When I create shapes is when instantaneous ideas appear because the different shapes are reinterpreted and I create embodiments, objects and animals from them. There comes a time when the work comes to an end, that’s when the artistic process ends. The outside does not influence my decision to finish the work, because I decide for myself when the job is done.”

Estela Cuadro: website