The extraordinary life of Germany’s Doublefaced girl

The extraordinary life of Germany's Doublefaced girl

Doublefaced is an intriguing series by Berlin-based German artist Sebastian Bieniek that features portraits of a girl with the illusion of two faces. By simply drawing on each side of his model’s head with common makeup products like eyeliner and lipstick, Bieniek transforms the young woman into a eerie set of twins. He cleverly uses one of her own eyes and another drawn eye, applied further towards her temple, to simulate a forward-facing female on the side of her actual face.

“My work is an instinctive thing, such as cooking for me. Everything I cook is mostly so that I can not cook it again. There is no recipe and no specific ingredients. From what there is I use and try to achieve the best possible.

I work in series, because I want to see a development. Maybe it’s because I want to develop on its own within a frame.

In order from the One to the Other derive it always takes several attempts to reason alone for me is the need to work in rows.
A series is like a story. It has a beginning and an end, and in between there is room around the respective limits to try and explore.
The components of a row are like steps, together describe a path that I have committed for a certain time with my work. I can in this way look around and reconstruct it again and again. This gives the path itself an authority within their several positions are possible. It behaves like an apartment with several rooms. It offers enough space so that can stay there more without stepping on each other’s feet. In addition, each image can be checked from a number by another from the same series. If someone a picture within a row is not very clear, it is often because the intention within a row is by another from the same set of clear the same. This helps in particular that appear ambivalent and it helps me to understand what I mean, because I’m always running out of ideas about what I’ve made, access to work.

The rows that I paint differ from each other formally. For me, it is a necessity. I still can not paint or do the same. My rows always look very different than the others that I have painted. Apart from that, I also write, make films and performances. Would I always paint the same as it would be when I would always just make the same ingredient purely in the soup. Just what I’m trying to avoid accountability and to counter the. All work in total are already a composition, but one consisting of very different ingredients (such as salt, pepper, sugar, oil … cooking) and overall a pretty balanced for me taste. I could not eat any dish that only eg only consists of salt. But exactly what do the artists always do the same.

My work is supported by all by what I see, experience what I participation, in short, inspired my life. Often it’s the people around me, but sometimes my own work. I spend a lot of time with my work and very often I have the feeling that compels me a job to another to make, as a particular tone in the music a certain other forces.”

Sebastian Bieniek: website