Face, Pool, Two Towers and Ruin, project by Marietta Varga

Face, Pool, Two Towers and Ruin, project by Marietta Varga

Face, Pool, Two Towers and Ruin

“Modernist housing estates are dismissed, as is Haszkovó in the city of Veszprém. Their stories are understood as the stories of failed urban developments, they are said to be grey, sad and soulless. Can something be soulless and disenchanted that gives home to 20.000 inhabitants? Let’s have a thought exercise and put our biases aside. Are we ready to reconsider our relation to the housing projects and think of them as “real cities” for a moment? If so, how can we go even further and fill it up with creative ideas?
In the framework of Veszprém Design Week, the exhibition invites visitors to experience change in the current condition of Haszkovó brought about by five portable and durable urban artifacts in the open air.
On the occasion of Veszprém Design Week this collaborative project invited the visitors to experience a possible way to change the current state of Haszkovó with the help of five portable and durable urban artifacts.
These five objects will serve as playful, outdoor furniture and their architectural quality also help us to see Haszkovó as something similar like a lovely historical downtown in any historical cities. This project give a chance to define unique objects in Haszkovó which are also able to be fulfilled identically in the future.”

Edward Crooks – London
MAIO – Barcelona / New York
Point Supreme – Athens
Paradigma Ariadné – Budapest
Supervoid – Rome

model: Fanny Kisbajcsi
photographer, art direction: Marietta Varga
Veszprém Design Week – 2019

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