Film stills “Moments in Movies”, analog to digital series by WBK

Film stills "Moments in Movies", analog to digital series by WBK

“My work is digital for one that in itself, in the eyes of some, lacks the integrity of pen or ink on paper, or oil on canvas or a 3dimensional real world sculpture. The latter something my art has been recently confused for. Although perhaps during a crisis of confidence I will embark on these sculptural works and denounce all digital art.

I use not my own iconography, people I know or I have met. My work uses images of human or artistic icons I did not create. These icons or artistic creations became popular or successful on their own merits. As an artist I am reappropriating that merit.
I do so using software I did not create and a lot of my work has never even been printed on paper, they exist only as digital media. And while these works lack integrity I will still endeavour to make each piece beautiful.

Works that are void of any beauty or reflections too me are less successful. And while I am not fearful of my lack of integrity, I am always fearful of creating something that lacks beauty.

Just as a foot note I also think artists talking about their own work are often misguided. Most artists become so entrenched, as I have, in their work they lack sufficient subjectivity to speak with any authority on what it is they are doing. So please disregard what you have read and draw your own conclusions as they are probably more accurate than mine.”

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