Human Motorcycles are hot

Human Motorcycles are hot

Technically those used in the construction of these “motorcycles” weren’t models, but a combination of dancers, yoga instructors and circus performers who were able to undertake the contortions needed to form the variety of shapes, including wheels, seats, exhaust pipes and handle bars.

Each creation required hours of work with the cruiser listed at 15 hours, the sport bike 18 hours and the dirt bike 13.5 hours with each bike being airbrushed by at least eight people.

Behind The Scenes

1 Concept, 3 Human Motorcycles. This “making of” video was shot over the course of 3 days and captures the process of bringing human motorcycles to life for the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows ad campaign. Trina Merry, a professional body paint artist, and her team worked around the clock transforming their human canvases into a sport bike, dirt bike, and cruiser.

Concept: i.d.e.a.
Lead Body Paint Artist – Trina Merry
Photographer – Juan Moreno
Videographer and Video Editor – Darryl Badong
Music by: Jay Ra Dieu