Illustration by Orsolya Gyorffy

“I am a woman, a mother, and the type of soul whose inescapable fate is art and making art. I cannot put down the pencil, the brush, and, according to my students, fineliner is what always needs to be close by wherever I go. It is not a coincidence that by now they also think this way.
After some detours, I was made me a teacher and an artist by life. This passive voice is deceptive because I chose this path a while ago…
So, after the numerous detours, the teacher and the artist, or if you’d like the artist and the teacher, became one. Being the “artist” simply means possessing sensitivity, the way a person senses the world, the people, the moods, or the characteristics.
I cannot separate art from life, teaching from the soul, art from teaching, and the soul from any part of life. Sometimes I show myself via my drawings or paintings; at times I withdraw to create. I turn to art in order to energize and to experience life.”

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