Illustrations From Lost Stories – The Art of Van Renselar

Illustrations From Lost Stories - The Art of Van Renselar

Abstract artist Van Renselar has travelled extensively. He grew up in South Wales, moving to London in his teens, where he now lives and works. After committing himself fully to abstract painting 10 years ago he has rapidly become one of the most original of the emerging contemporary artists in the UK.


“I create my pictures in 3 stages…

Firstly I hand draw and paint all elements of each picture on paper, fabric, board, found objects or whatever comes to hand that I think will help create the effect I’m after. I often paint directly on screen (digital painting). There are typically 10-20 elements.

Secondly I scan all separate elements into a computer using a very high resolution scanner and blend them with my digitally painted elements. At this stage I can place the elements exactly where I want them and even make any adjustments to colours if I wish. Think of this stage as if you were making a collage. This results in a single computer file.

Thirdly, I can now output (print) the computer file using the giclee process. Giclee needs to marry the inks and the canvas or paper to guarantee light fastness, and gives an incredibly high quality image.”

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