In Other Wor(l)ds, surreal scenes by Artur Borejszo and Aleksandar Hrib

“We are proud to deliver fresh and unique content called IN OTHER WOR(L)DS done by Artur Borejszo and Aleksandar Hrib.

Since the introduction of 3D software everyone has been producing images through computers massively. After an era of digital excitement the hunger for craftsmanship was bigger than ever. IN OTHER WOR(L)DS we do not exclude neither techniques, but merge both. Images are presenting blurring boundary between architecture and graphic design, painting and sketching, computer and hand drawing. The result is a unique technique combination of sketch elements like trees, plants, characters inside 3D that is used as a tool for creating surreal scenes of dreams and poetry.”

Artur Borejszo: website
Aleksandar Hrib: website