Meet Lili, my Robot Lamp

Meet Lili, my Robot Lamp

Lili is a lamp that interacts with people around her. She looks at you and shows images: a beating heart, a smiley, a cocktail… and a gallery of random visual effects. At night, Lili “lamps” and makes light, and she colors the ceiling when she sees you leaving the room.
Lili is autonomous and plug&play, she doesn’t have any button and doesn’t need a computer.
Inspirations: Pixal, Wall-E, Beauty and the Beast, Her

A Lili can be built on request, to welcome the clients of a restaurant or a company, or at home to add entertainment in the entrance or in a room. The colors of the lamp and the animations can be customized.

Lili’s brain is an Arduino, the screen is a NeoMatrix from Adafruit, the servomotors are from Dagu, and the lamp is from La Chaise Longue.

See the story of its creation on this page:

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