Michelle Oravitz, fine art

Reflections and explorations in art by Alvaro Marinho

“I yearn to access a space where the unseen can be shown.

If it has a voice, I want to hear it. If it has a face, I want to paint it.

In short, this is my life mission.

I have been a seeker all of my life for that timeless dimension. Whether it was through my thirst to read books from worldly mystics and sages, travel the world to find the wordless link between all humans, or pursue studies of architecture, ayurveda, yoga and meditation.

I have spent years meditating and keeping with my yoga practice and after having my first daughter, I came back to my first language as a child which was art. I began painting professionally and found that through it all, it served as a vehicle to pull all that resided within me into an image – a translation of the soul that was far more powerful than words have ever been for me.

Painting shows me a visual reflection of what happens inside my mind. I am able to sort out my thoughts and feelings through symbols and colors. My goal is for these symbols and colors to somehow touch and inspire the lives of people who are drawn to my paintings. I believe that art, like music has the ability to heal through vibration of colors rather than sounds.

My method of working is very spontaneous. I find myself at times compelled and obsessed with getting a creation out of me – I can almost compare it to giving birth when a mother can’t fight the urge of releasing what is inside. Although I begin with a basic concept of what I am going to work on, a lot of it gets created and inspired moment to moment and the work almost always introduces itself to me when it is complete. I sometimes feel like an observer more than an artist. I get moved to do things that I have learned not to question during the painting process. I love what I do and can’t imagine feeling whole without it.”

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