Paintings by Mercedes Urda

Digital art by Mercedes Urda

“Self-taught, with some basic notions of a painter friend. But I’ve always known from very young age that drawing and painting is my passion.
For me painting is a open door to suggestion of silence, the essential silence of images.
Over the years that I’ve been realizing these artworks, I have discovered that special something, that is intangible and renewing, the creation as such as creating from the mind.
My artworks give me the essential harmony to bring in my personal values as a woman, feeling the freedom of the human figure (sometimes to excess) as well as nature, spaces, and colors.
In them, and through various techniques I attempt to express my emotions and I hope once you see them, you can get close to what I felt when creating them.
A few years ago I discovered digital technology and was fascinated. Hereby I started a new phase of painting digitally and it is very gratifying to see the artworks that can be achieved.
It makes me very happy to create from other scopes, explore new horizons… new techniques… always in constant art motion… but never forgetting my roots.”

Mercedes Urda: portfolio