Pascal Campion, drawings

Pascal Campion, drawings

“Sometimes I draw because I have an idea I want to put down on paper (or digital canvas), sometimes I draw because I’m trying to work something out in my life, or in my drawing, sometimes I draw because I’m bored… or nervous, mostly I draw because I’m happy and happy to draw, sometimes it’s because I’m tired and am dreaming of going away. Sometimes I draw what I am afraid of, and sometimes it’s what I want that comes out, I’ll make up some things and take straight out of my life others. Sometimes I know what I am doing, most of the time I don’t, sometimes I’m happy with what I drew and sometimes… not so much… at times, I really don’t like it at all. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t an artist and most of the time I’m so happy I am one, sometimes I wish I could turn it on and off when I want. Sometimes I wish I was better and sometimes I think I’ve “got it”. Sometimes I draw what some people ask me to draw, sometimes I draw what my children want me to draw, sometimes I do it for friends, my wife, family, but most of the time, I do it for me… sometimes I do it for you.

Sometimes I draw because I see a pen, and sometimes I draw… just because.

When people ask me why I draw the stuff that I draw.
There is no single answer to that question for me, just like what inspires me… it’s always different… different is good sometimes (and sometimes the same is even better)

Drawing is so organic, there are just as many ways and reasons to do it than there are people that want to do it.

You don’t need a higher purpose to start drawing.
But if you want to draw, you do need to start doing it,


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