PRISCA, photography by Paolo Barretta – I am Winter

PRISCA, photography by Paolo Barretta – I am Winter

Paolo Barretta was born in 1994; he currently lives in Italy.
He started taking pictures when he was very young and he immediately felt a connection between himself and the way in that he sees the world.

He began his studies in photography when he was in high school, approaching photography the first time using analogue techniques.
After moving city, he graduated in Photography, post-production and communication, starting to work between Milan and Rome.

But “life is weird, and through continuing to work on my craft, I arrived to be one of the ten contestants of Sky Arts Master of Photography 2018.”

His photography deals with nostalgia, uniting his empathy with the loneliness of the human being.
His aesthetic research is mostly about color correction, creating delicate, elegant and intimate scenarios.

Paolo Barretta: website / instagram