Professional tips & tricks to painting a room

Professional tips & tricks to painting a room

How can you Paint your Home like a Professional?

Most people can pick up a paintbrush or roller and make a decent job of painting a room but it may take them a long time and there might be a few disasters along the way. So how can you ensure a more professional job without paying out for a professional to do it?
The professional have tips and tricks that they use to do a great job in a straightforward manner. Taking a look at these can help you do a better paint job in your own home.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

Making sure the room is prepared correctly is one of the most important parts of a paint job and you haven’t even opened a pot of paint yet. Ideally the room should be completely emptied, although it’s possible to leave larger items of furniture in the middle of the room under cover. You can’t underestimate the importance of investing in a dust cloth to cover the room as well as this larger furniture. It’s amazing what damage can be done with a few unintentional drops of paint.

Make sure the wall is ready to paint

If you’ve made sure the room is ready for you to start you should make sure the wall is too. There’s no point even trying to paint a wall if the surface isn’t clean, is glossy or isn’t in good overall condition. If there’s old paint on the wall it’s worthwhile removing it with a scraper and sanding the wall then priming it to make sure the surface is in its optimum state for painting. If you don’t do all of this you’re going to be fighting a losing battle before you start.

Watch for moisture

It’s always best to do a paint job when the air is dry. If there’s moisture in the air it can prevent the point from drying so you’re left waiting for much longer than necessary. Once a wall starts to dry don’t be tempted to paint over it again as this can cause unsightly marks on the painting you’ve already done.

A roller is best

If you’re painting a large area it’s going to take a lot longer if you’re using a brush – See Gotstock for more on this. Getting yourself a roller to use to do the job will make it a lot easier and it will mean the job gets done a lot faster. If you’ve got a lot of areas to paint then the quicker you complete part of the job the quicker you can move on to the next task.

The little things that mean a lot

It’s important to remember the little things that make a really professional finish to a job. Use spare sandwich bags to cover door knobs so that they don’t get splashed with paint unintentionally. At the same time it’s a good idea to tape off light switches and remove wall plates. The cleaner the lines of your painting the more professional the end result will be.