Shifts in colors and patterns by Stacy Ester

Shifts in colors and patterns by Stacy Ester

Exploration of the relationship between shifting colors and shapes and how they work together to create 3 dimensional spaces. 2013-2014

Stacy Ester is a visual artist based in Austin, TX. Work includes acrylic and oil painting, photography, photo editing, mixed media and glass etching.

The most significant source of inspiration in my work is my close attention to detail. I like to enhance these subtle details (including shifts in colors and patterns in objects around me) and give appreciation for things that may go unnoticed in our quick-paced modern age. Finding ways to combine my visual artistry with my interests in the natural sciences is an underlying theme in a majority of my work which I hope to strengthen and use as a tool for positive change throughout my art career.

Education: BFA Studio Art, The University of Texas at Austin

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