Stickmen’s Series, drawings by Riftress

Stickmen's Series, drawings by Riftress

“I am an artist who works to give mental health awareness a voice as I portray various mental and social issues through little doodles of stickmen in an ongoing project called the Stickmen’s Series.

I spend a lot of time alone with my art and have gradually learned how to express my emotions through rough, hastily drawn doodles of stickmen.

I scribble down a stickman or two whenever I experience strong emotions, ideas, and/or thoughts, and it goes from there as I transform the tangles and knots in my head into tangible visuals. Nothing helps me help myself more than these little doodles do, and I am grateful to this day for deciding to put them to paper and give them life.

Art was once my only friend, and art is now my best friend. And now, I am ready to show my friend to the world.”

Riftress: deviantArt / instagram