Taxi in the Sea by Issui Enomoto

Taxi in the Sea by Issui Enomoto

Issui Enomoto is a photographer based in Yokohama, Japan.

“I work as a taxi driver in Yokohama. I always put cameras by my side and shoot various scenes of the town one after another, while looking for a passenger.
The people who coming and going in a town and various components forming the town, these become the subject for photography. For example, buildings lighted up by the artificial light, roadside trees rustling in wind, the cars crossing the view incessantly and the viaducts of the expressway covering the sight, and so on.

When it is defined a town as aggregate of limitless components, it may be just said that a taxi is existence such as a small submarine advancing in the huge sea filled with those components.
From the moment when I got in a taxi as a photographer, every component that can become subject wraps me up. And as like great pressure acts on an object in the deep sea by a physical law, the seawater of components put fierce pressure on my five senses.

I run a taxi earnestly without knowledge about the total picture of this sea. I fix this sea which I watched through one’s sense into a dimension of this world by the technique called the photograph.”

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