The Inscending Spiral: Head Shots by James Roper

The Inscending Spiral: Head Shots by James Roper

This series takes the actors ‘head shot’ portrait photograph, a must have item for any wannabe Hollywood actor, and attempts to dig deep beyond the superficial glossy surface, extracting hidden depths and forms. In the vein of vintage ectoplasm photographs of the early 20th century, each ‘Head Shot’ is layered with excretions and shifting surfaces, drawing links to the role of the actor as an invocator of spirits and narrators of cultural myth in traditional societies.

‘The Inscending Spiral’

July 12th – August 15th 2014

Mirus Gallery
540 Howard St.
San Francisco, CA 94105

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 12, 6-10pm

Gallery open:
10am – 6pm
Tuesday – Saturday

My work explores a variety of subjects from the heightened realities depicted in Baroque art and modern media to the restraint and release of energy found within complex structures such as the human body. I work in various mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture and film.

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