Tiny monsters in teacups, illustration by Gretchen Deahl

Teacups. Tiny monsters. Enjoying a peaceful moment to themselves.

“I am a professional artist, in business for 37 (and counting) years. Through those years I have been an award-winning illustrator, decent graphic artist and not-too-bad website designer, in that order. I’ve been drawing, painting and making some kind of art since I was too young to realize what the heck I was getting myself into!

My interest and love of art of all kinds only increases with time. When I’m not physically creating art, I am usually thinking/dreaming about it. Children’s art with a whimsical spin is my current and ongoing pleasure, though illustration of any “flavor” continues to inspire me and compel me to excel. I call myself an illustrator first and foremost versus “fine artist / painter” because the field of Illustration is where my true talents and passion bloom.”

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