Veronika Priehodova, oil on canvas

Excellent drawings by Joe Fenton

“My texts – my reflexions take an important part of my work. The words are powerfull and writing directly what i think and how i perceive the world – it’s a strong and sincer expression. Because apart that i need to “show” what i do, i also need to “tell”. I think we’re able to transmet a strong message already in the non-verbal pieces of art, but the direct written word makes it more concrete, complete. There are so many ways of expressing ourselves – music, visual art, dancing, making theatre, writing… and i feel like taking part little bit of it all. Each part of personality needs a bit diffrent, specific way to express, to tell. There’s something what i’m able to tell you only by playing you the piano. And there’s another thing i’m able to say only by drawing. There are another things i’m not able to transmet at all… Maybe i think that each message i transmet is diffrent, but maybe it’s just a game of words and all the time i’m talking about the same thing. There are just thousands of words to tell and thousands of ways to show. And finally, whatever i do, whatever i say, with every step i make and every breath i take i keep telling just that one thing… – that i believe.”

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