Zodiac Series – mixed media illustrations by Julia Y

Zodiac Series - mixed media illustrations by Julia Y

This is a series of twelve mixed media paintings of the mythological icons associated with the zodiac constellations. All images are 5×7″ created with layers of cut fabric, acrylic paint, ink, and colored pencil. The constellation for each symbol is embroidered on top of the painting.

These paintings were exhibited in December 2016 at Ghost Gallery, Seattle and February 2017 at Cunning Crow, Seattle.

“I am a Seattle illustrator who has combined my expertise in sewing, drawing and painting in a unique mixed media process. The creation of each piece of art is a narrative – a gradual meditative synthesis of disparate media. Pencil drawings are applied to fabrics of varying patterns and textures, then cut into intricate shapes and collaged together. Saturated hues of paint and ink are applied as splashes, drips, and areas of detailed rendering. Images are completed with linear elements of embroidery, culminating in a highly stylized interpretation of reality full of luminous colors and textural depth.”

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