Amy Shackleton’s urban-landscape paintings bring nature back into the city to get ideas flowing, encourage environmental initiatives and motivate sustainable communities. Amy speaks of her work as a proposal for collaboration between urban and rural environments. She shows us that the urban, at its best, will have to be: inclusive, accommodating, responsible, perceptive, and sustainable. Vibrant and optimistic (at times playful) her paintings remind us of work still to be done, yet in an informative and inspired mode, free of gloom and despondency.
Drawing inspiration from her own global travels and photographs, Amy builds liquid cities with the tip of her brush. Using acrylic washes, erratic paint drips, shiny enamel and hard-edge details, she juxtaposes representation/abstraction, urban/rural, gloss/matte and design/spontaneity to accentuate the plurality of landscapes in the city. Her eco-cities suggest vibrant possibilities for urban renewal and inspire other sectors to regenerate, design, and accelerate environmental cities.

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