Daniel Bueno, illustrator, graphic and comics artist

Gorgeous watercolor illustrations by Conrad Roset

Daniel Bueno is an illustrator, graphic artist and comics artist from Sao Paulo. His work deals with geometric shapes, textures, graphic ambiguity and illusion, fantasy and the grotesque. “I try to escape from obvious solutions, and one of the ways of doing it is to deform a inicially redundant element. The use of graphic elements as beings that can have another meaning also takes part in this process.”
“The characters are usually a reflection of the theme and situations of the illustrations. Any element of the drawing can be subverted and recreated. In this sense, some of my influences are Saul Steinberg and Jim Flora. But I like lots of other stuff: Picasso, Disney, Grosz, Klee, underground comics etc.” “Somehow, when I’m making a drawing, I have the sensation I’m a architect: making a plan that will be followed in the rest of the process, constructing and racionalizing. I like also to deformate, to deal with misterious plan spaces and abstraction, and cubism helps me a lot in this way.”

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