Nadia Tsakova, paintings

Amazing paintings by Ray Caesar

Nadia Tsakova: “My biggest challenge is to express the light as I sense it. Light is my favorite quality in a painting, it creates the forms, the movement, the relationship of the tones and finally it forms the composition. I emphasise the light in my paintings through a tonal selection of dark and light forms. I am inspired by capturing a certain moment, a unique glimpse of our present, transforming it into revelation. So it makes me and the viewers appreciate the beauty in the simple moments of life.”
Nadia Tsakova studied at the National Academy of Arts In Sofia, gaining an MA in Fine Arts, printmaking and Graphic Arts. She won several national awards and competitions in Bulgaria and when she moved to England, she continued to earn recognition, winning prizes for exhibits in London at the ROI and the National Print Exhibition.
Nadia has exhibited at galleries in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and the UK as well as the annual exhibitions of major institutions including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, ROI, Discerning Eye and NEAC.

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