Jaime Ibarra, professional portrait and art photographer

Minimalist fairy tale posters by Christian Jackson

Jaime Ibarra: “I was originally built in Spain, but I grew up in Australia: it’s complicated, but it explains the funny accent.
I bought my first SLR camera at the end of 2004… a 6.1MP Canon 300D, which came with a rather shoddy 17-55mm kit lens with a wonky, almost unusable manual-focus ring. I opted to learn in my own (some would say “stubborn”… I say “exploratory”) way, defined by my unwillingness to read the instruction manual. Just… pick it up and learn as-I-go. I did not read any books. I did not take any classes. I did not compare myself to other photographers. I did not want to learn the “rules”, because I feel rules can imprison me, creatively. I made a lot of mistakes. But I learned… rather a lot. Within that first year of attempting photography, over a dozen images of mine were published…and I haven’t been the same, since.
As it turns out, I’m pretty good at it.
I am now a Professional Portrait & Art Photographer, but I am also known to do Editorial, Fashion, Commercial and Advertising work.
My work is widely published here on Earth, as well as…well, that’s the only planet I am aware of, so far. There’s still time yet, though.
My ‘style’ is the visual amalgamation of over 15 years in Graphic Design, 25 years of composing & performing music, many years spent traveling around the planet, a lifetime of over-romanticizing things, insomnia, an inexplicable ability to hear what colours would sound like if they could sing (Synaesthesia, anyone?), an unfaltering fascination with humans, and an obsessive need to create.”

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