“For my 18th birthday my parents decided to give me a new room. There was only one detail missing. Something I couldn’t make myself: a fine work of art to complete the room. Luckily I have three very creative friends: Pauline Rooze, Esther Beeckaert and Ben Goovaerts (my companion in making penpho’s). The next question was: what will the art piece be about? What will it look like?
I have always had one passion in my life: photography.
In that way photography became the subject. They came up with the idea of creating a portrait of a girl holding a camera.
They worked out this idea by using different art techniques: graffiti, painting, drawing, paper art…
Twenty-five hours later the piece was finished. The result was even better than expected. It blew me away!
I hope you’ll enjoy this work of art as much as I do.

Thanks again Pauline, Esther and Ben


Maxim Piessen: behance