“I’ve been taking pictures since the day I discovered my Dad’s camera and claimed it as my own. I began teaching myself photoshop in 2007 and it wasn’t long before I began to combine the two interests realising that together they created an amazing and limitless way to tell stories.

Growing up in sunkissed Kenya I was surrounded by colour and wild untamed natural life. Since moving to England I now appreciate and long for the beauty of natural bold colours and warm tones. An aim I gave myself as a teen was to try to travel to a new place every year and so far a few of the places I’ve visited are Japan, Vietnam, Bali, Europe, Morroco, India and even managed to go up into the Arctic Circle. Every new place and experience has a tale to tell and creates stories in me that I try to capture and express.

My work is a mix between fashion, fantasy and portraiture.”

Bella Kotak: website / flickr / facebook
Via: netdost.com