ABSOLUT UNIQUE: The Ultimate Limited Edition

ABSOLUT Vodka produced nearly 4 million absolutely unique bottles, whereas not a single one of the bottles is the same as any other bottle from the collection.

Check out the behind the scenes footage below, to learn more about the production of ABSOLUT Unique:

In order to produce these extremely challenging bottles, thirty-eight different colours were used, fifty-one pattern types were applied and ABSOLUT had to re-engineer its whole production process:
“It required a complex interaction of human and mechanical elements, and a carefully orchestrated randomness, to achieve the desired end result. Splash guns and colour-generating machines were set up and complex coating, pattern and placement algorithms were programmed in to ensure that no two bottles would be alike.”

ABSOLUT Unique bottles are available for purchase at airports worldwide. They will also be available at Selfridges and Harvey Nichols from October.

Fun fact: Mattias Elg, a Quality Management Professor from the Linköping University in Sweden, figured out that ABSOLUT could create 94 quintillion bottles – that’s 94 times 10 to the 18th power – before two similar ones would appear. That equals more than 13 billion bottles for each person on earth.

Via: brandingmagazine.com