Amylee (Paris): fashion art spirit

Excellent drawings by Joe Fenton

If you’re a fan of innovative and modern design, then you’re sure to enjoy this collection from artist Amylee. Although Amylee usually exhibits her work in Paris, you can enjoy browsing this particular collection online, while checking your emails or playing games like cheekybingo. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see a video presentation featuring further examples of her various creations.

I’m a fashion artist and an art blogger surrounded by my lover, my family, and my great friends. I love travelling for inspiration. I love meeting people. I love art of all kinds, and simple textures of everyday things: painting, drawing, fashion, music are all passions of mine. I spend a lot of time creating and running my business and traveling to encounter new ideas.

My story is not different from anyone else’s, but my experiences are unique to me. I’ve been “making things” all my life; drawing, as early as I can remember.

Born in the Midi, south of France, I always worked hard in Art school (Plastic Arts, Applied Arts/Design and Beaux-Arts) to hone my skill and became obsessed with Design and Fashion. After my studies, I got a job in a forecasting and trends agency in Paris and later I also worked in other companies (in Lifestyle, Design).

3 years ago, I started filling my personal creative time with making small paintings and selling them in Parisian galleries. My biggest passions are follow all trends in Arts, Design, Fashion and connecting with people. You can find me on the web through my blog, my website Amylee Art Design, Facebook or Twitter.

In my artwork, I mix patterns collages with acrylic paint to create brightly colored canvases with themes of women portraits, inspired by fashion shows with always «psychedelic mind».  An other vision of Fashion!

Amylee: website / blog