Ben Thomas, photography and video

Ben Thomas, photography

“I’m a London born, UK based artist and designer – raised in a few places and have now moved my studio back where it all began – in deepest darkest London. This is without doubt my most concise and relevant portfolio update – in the past I’ve focused too much on where I’ve come from as opposed to where I am now. Everything on the website is totally current in terms of where I am with my style and work. About 2 and half years ago I started to push myself as a professional digital artist. Since then I have worked solidly for the music industry, publishing industry and maintained a list of cool independent clients. One of the most noted qualities about my work is the strong use of colour and negative space – it’s a well documented fact that I have a bit of a fetish for both. Often my style is a juxtaposition of highly layered elements and wide open spaces. Essentially, my work is digital montage – but I layer my work to create as much depth as possible – often creating scenes in 3d software, exporting and recomposing in Photoshop with a mix of digital, vector and photographic elements. My tools of the trade are Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4d and (I’m starting to learn) Maya.”

Ben Thomas: website

Filmed & Directed – Ben Thomas // Editor – Gavin Kerr // Music – Michael Dow (Alderny Studios)
Makeup – Sally Marshall // Hair&Styling – Lucie Summer Hamilton // Grading/Post – Ben Thomas
Model – Agata Mazu