Clay Opera – Ceramics handmade by Marta Turowska

Clay Opera - Ceramics handmade by Marta Turowska

Warsaw, Poland-based artist Marta Turowska creates these whimsical bowls and plates that feature our favorite animals like cats, hedgehogs and whales. Her works are all made completely by hand on a potter’s wheel and then the animals’ tiny features are painted on.

“Every mug, salt cellar or plate created at my studio has its history, different inspiration. I create things in many styles, I do not focus on a one style, minimalism or eclectic. There are so many emotions all around that this would be impossible form me. What is sure that I am inspired by nature mostly this seen by magnifying glass. But I also am interested in geometric shapes, but on the other hand I cannot resist to create sweet little bears or clouds inspired by illustrations from books for children.
What is specific many of my ideas appear just before getting asleep. I am something like a mixture of many people in one body.”

Marta Turowska: etsy