CURIO photo shoot by Florian Pucher

CURIO photo shoot by Florian Pucher

Photo shoot for the brand CURIO. The idea was to showcase the brand slogans “start changing” and “the ring for every style” by creating individual looks and highlighting how our products match or complement different styles.

“Curio fits every style and changes with your daily inspirations”

Model: Olena
Styling: Sophia Liu

CURIO: website

“I am an architect/designer with a degree of architecture from the University of Applied Arts Vienna, where I graduated under Pritzker Prize winner ZAHA HADID. Since 2004 I live and work in currently Shanghai where I explore design in different scales and various materials. I have worked in event and stage design, interior design, architecture and urban planning but my passion are self-initiated products.”

Florian Pucher: website