Delicate scarves created by El Costurero Real

Delicate scarves created by El Costurero Real

El Costurero Real produces delicate scarves that let you wrap yourself in the wings of a butterfly or moth. The Granada-based shop is inspired by the beauty and anatomical complexities of these insects, and they adorn the cloaks with the intricate coloring and detailing you’d see if a real one fluttered past.

The construction of the scarves has a similarly light and airy feel to the winged creatures. They are printed on material that resembles chiffon but is actually 100% cotton, and has some transparency. In addition, the scarves have wire sewn into the front of the wings for use in dance.

El Costurero Real is the brainchild of Alassie, a costume designer for theater, movies, opera, and television. Her interests go beyond insects, and she creates a variety of Steampunk items as well as Victorian-esque fashions. With every piece—no matter the inspiration—there’s the same sense of fairy tale-like magic that brings her fantasies to life.

These scarves are currently available in the El Costurero Real Etsy shop.

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