Giada Laiso, photography

The Black Mecha Lords project by Riccardo Sabatini

“I’m 21 years old and i study “New Technologies of Art and Media” at Academy of Fine Art in Milan. I went to High School of Art and I studied painting for five years, this has greatly influenced my photography style.
I try to combine painting with photography, create mistery.
Every setting that I chose is a wrapper that contains a timeless parallel world, in which each character is locked in its history.”

“My photographic universe is the concrete form of my imagination, I like to combine what is possible and what is not, I create disturbing and fairy atmosphere at the same time. I represent themes such as life, death, birth, beauty and dreams dimension.”

“I’m interested in fine art, i’m inspired by everything that is mysterious and beautiful at the same time.
I’m guided by my dreams, I want to make true and real my imagination through photography. And imagination it’s not equal for all of us, so this is the uniqueness.”

Giada Laiso: flickr / facebook