“Incomplete” sculptures by Lene Kilda

Norwegian artist Lene Kilda creates figurative sculptures inspired by the emotions and personalities of children. Believing that body language is “their purest form of communication,” Kilda visualizes each childlike pose with cement-sculpted hands and feet, and fragments of textured clothing made from colored, metal mesh. The “incomplete” pieces invite the viewer to use their imagination to fill in the visual gaps and illusory contours, and perhaps delve into their own childhood memories.

Although each sculpture—made from “concrete, metal mesh and air”—shows only parts of the artist’s subjects, their concrete hands and feet still portray a strong sense of character. Curious children are depicted standing on their tippy toes, while timid, less confident youngsters are shown with awkwardly positioned feet and curled up toes. More brave and adventurous kids are shown with confident stances, tightly clenched fists, and are often placed with accompanying props.

Lene Kilda: instagram
Via: mymodernmet.com