Creative interactive display window concept from Hyper Island students

Interactive display window concept - hyper island

Client: WeSC – North Kingdom’s brief (Daniel Ilic)
At: Hyper Island
Role: Research, Idea Generation, Concept, Design and Production.
Who: Lucas Lima, Gustaf Engström, Marcus Wallander, Juliana Silva and Bea Areilza.
Concept: Worldwide Conspiracy
Coach: Thomas Larsson @ B-reel
Music: Bonobo – Kiara

Research: Our research showed that people did not know who the activists were and what they did. And, in fact, the activists are the ones that differentiates WeSC from other street clothing brands. The activists are cool, sponsored people within their profession (eg. Jason Lee, Ingmar Backman etc.). The business concept of WeSC is “Good people doing great things together”. But we felt that the costumer did not feel part of the “good people”. So to narrow down the gap between WeSC and the costumers, we let the costumers get to know the activists – in an interactive way.

Approach: Let people get to know the WeSC activists. But don’t force it on to them. Make it easy to engage, and don’t demand extra effort from the user in order to work.

Idea: An interactive shopping window where people walking by got to control the video. What’s being seen on the screen is created by users online, all over the world. The creators get their 10 minutes of fame by displaying their name and their personalized pattern.

Tech: We use an infrared (IR/thermal) camera to locate the bypassers. The camera is hooked up to a computer using a programming language called processing. The video is shot by a backlight projector onto a projection screen located in the shopping window. (See sketch on pictures above)

More info on Marcus Wallander‘s website.