Jean-Baptiste Valadié, paintings

Superb paper sculptures by Carlos Meira

Valadié is a exceptional draftsman and a great architect. His paintings are organized around a well defined composition, which is altogether rigorous and flexible, giving a magic feeling of balance. The art of Valadié is a constant search for beauty, a tireless perfection in composition, lines and colors, a permanent and passionate impulse towards a dream which opens up on the absolute. Valadié has spent his whole life celebrating the human body in his art. His female figures offer, by their suggestive attitudes, at times erotic, a sort of ritualistic ceremony.
Valadié essentially is an optimistic, an idealistic artist who many times has said: “I feel happy when I paint. I want all men to feel happy when looking at my paintings, let them have as much pleasure looking at them as I have creating them. I am, I want to be a ‘happiness dealer’.” He also seeks to bring joy and love to others with his paintings which derive their sensation of intense happiness from their incredible light. Children, birds and the sun are motifs that often appear in his works, yet the central figure in all his painting remains woman.