Paintings by Lilita Postaža

Future of the technology: transparent screens

“I am the Midsummer child, born on the Hay Day in the prime of Summer. And it is the most beautiful holiday of my nation.
Born and grown up in Riga I am still very close to Latvian nature and its people. I have spent my childhood summers near the river Gauja and now I am spending them at the seaside in Zvejniekciems. This condition has stimulated me to have a closer look at nature, its rhythms and cycles, its connection with a man and his place in nature.
My childhood has built the basis for the understanding of universal community and for love of my own country what I started to realize, in fact, many years later traveling and getting acquainted with other countries and cultures.
I have always been interested in man as a unique phenomenon. My perception of life and arts has grown in the process of investigation and deep analysis, understanding and admiration.
My textile works show my pleasure about the monumentality of space and its subjection to the power of arts.
In my pictures I discover the world for myself and for spectators. With the language of symbols I show my attitude towards phenomena, I show the glorification of a woman.”

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