“I use 65 pound card stock, cut by hand to order, along with a Scotch (acid free / photo safe) glue pen, a small pair of scissors, tweezers, and my -now buff- fingers to create life, vibrancy, fluidity in paper.

PaperLiberated was born out of the desire to give handmade one holiday season filled with destiny. And though my work is mostly comprised of custom/commissioned pieces, in December 2013 I exhibited at the OOAK (One Of A Kind) show in Chicago, IL with 600+ artists. I was also commissioned by The Rainforest Alliance for a logo piece they displayed at Greenbuild Expo 2013 in Philadelphia, PA.

Most people recognize my art as a craft they tried as a kid or something their grandmothers did; Quilling. However, I do not use traditional quilling tools or traditional quilling shapes and I use significantly heaver paper which I hand cut at a size quadruple that of quilling strips you can find at craft stores. Quilling or paper sculpture, its what feeds my soul and keeps my fingers agile.”

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