“I was born in Bucharest, 1982. I graduated from the University of Architecture in Bucharest, 2007.
As a child, I discovered the beauty of art, the joy of expressing myself through colors on canvas and got tremendous satisfaction from the act of painting or watching something materialise on a canvas in front of me.
I guess that like a musician, creating art can transport you to another world and for my own part this has become a very addictive but rewarding ritual.
I took painting lessons for many years, discovering and experimenting with different techniques and mediums.

My paintings are expressions of calmness, but also of a spiritual adventure, craft, and hopefully show my passion and love for painting.
I tried to make an artistically challenging scene out of everything, and mostly out of the places I’ve been and impressed me with their beauty. Some of them are just pure artistic solutions brought to the abstract.
I like to explore the colour, light, space, composition, local tone, shade and cast shade, and details, in the scenes which bring the joys of painting closer to an observer.
The world of herbs, flowers, bushes, trees, forest clearings and shadowy skies, is full of flavours and sounds of nature, those distant and woven ones.
I have no limit in creation, I set my imagination and feelings free, awaking the personal and the deepest memories, dreams, joys, and sadness…”

Raluca Nedelcu: website