Expedition: Husky – Ellie & Atlas

Expedition Husky - Ellie & Atlas

“I suffer from clinical major depressive disorder as well as clinical anxiety (severe social anxiety, including anxiety attacks), and Ellie & Atlas have truly saved me in so many ways. Their need and want to be outside, explore, work, and play has forced me to be that kind of person, and they’ve helped me discover that it’s exactly what I need to decompress and get myself back together whenever I fall apart.

So many mornings I wake up exhausted, even after a good night’s rest, my body aching, my head clouded. Ellie & Atlas are my purpose to get up every morning, they’re what truly keep me going each & every day no matter how much my body begs me to stay in bed.

I chronicle our adventures on Instagram & Facebook through my photography, and use our platforms as a way to encourage an active, healthy lifestyle with your pup, and to help those who also suffer from depression & anxiety, letting them know that it’s 100% ok to admit to needing help and finding the help you need. In finally reaching out for help myself, I know how difficult it can be to even just admit you can’t do this alone. For me, it’s taken two pups, a lifestyle change, and reaching out for additional help to change my life for the better & achieve our dreams as a team.”

Melanie – Expedition: Husky – instagram / tumblr
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