Happiness in colors, paintings by Piet Pedersen

Paintings by Charmaine Olivia

Piet Pedersen: “I am an artist living in Viby J, near Aarhus in Denmark and I am 50 years old. I have been drawing and painting my entire life and I am so lucky to have room in my life to paint, with family and all. To me it means stability, joy, peace and lots of colors.
For some years I have been working with commercials as a sign writer. It doesn’t mean much for my painting style, but it provides me some discipline in my work. I love to tell a story and I am seeking the motif in the motif. Therefore you can often recognize it and see what it looks like. If people can recognize the shape, you can put almost anything in it, and get away with it.
I am always trying to renew myself from time to time, but I am stuck with certain figures and colors or they are stuck with me. Often I have been painting the rhinos. It s almost extinct, but then again, it has a protecting armor. The similarities to my own life exist in everything. Sometimes we need protection against the world. The pictures of a bull and a woman I see as if I am the bull pressing on while the woman is a expression of my inner vulnerability. The toucan is a self-portrait from my soul, representing my soul. As a bird, I have the big view at the world and thereby the sense of happy colors and happy moments. I see the toucan as a symbol of freedom and good values and my direct contact with my inner soul as a painter. The toucan is always with me in my work, monitoring my work and securing it is well done. A free bird with happiness in colors and expression…it should appear as often as possible in my work.”

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