Hypnotic strange creatures in a surreal world, photomanipulation by Svetlana Bobrova

The surreal world, created by Svetlana, is full of strange creatures. In this world everything is possible.
Her artworks are full of energy, passion and grotesqueness. Like dreams, they are born from real anxieties and experiences, taking the spectator far into the depths of sub-consciousness. They have a hypnotic internal glow, which penetrates the eyes with tonal transitions of neon, green, yellow and blue.
Her technique is based on photography, but the final result is very far from it.
Computer graphics helps the artist to be spontaneous and improvise without losing the idea, to follow emotions and give them more unusual colors. Her original technique makes her works unique and recognizable masterpieces.
Svetlana studied art history in St. Petersburg University. Today she has a PhD degree in art history and she is a member of the International Art Fund. Since 2007, she has participated in five exhibitions in prestigious galleries of Moscow.

Svetlana Bobrova: photodom / deviantart