Inspiring digital art by Dominic Brown

Northern Sky, project and case study by Adam Spizak

Inspired by different ancient cultures and mysterious symbols, dOminic discovered his creativity from an early age on. He grew up watching animated television shows such as Transformers and Mask and experienced the birth of computer games like Super Mario. Seeing computer- technology change had a large impact on him and is something that, together with his art, will continue to evolve and change.
Over 90 percent of his outlines are drawn by hand and filled out with a special kind of pencil, before being scanned. Then it’s the combination of computer software, printers, his own photographs, colored markers and paint that helps him create a digital file. Depending on the style of the image, this digital file gets printed, in a limited edition, on the highest quality canvas, dibond aluminum or wood.
After the printing, every work gets finalized in its own unique way with different materials such as texture gel, colored markers, paint, glitters and small leaves of gold.

Dominic Brown: website